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Third Party Integration

Third party software enhances your Retail Pro by integrating seamlessly. With helpful additions to drive sales, operations, footfall and enhanced reporting; Discover these solutions below for your own business, that will help continue with confidence. If you have any of your own third party software that you would like us to set up and/or support , feel free to let us know and we will work together to get it integrated into Retail Pro.

Integrate your web store data into Retail Pro, with eCloud from Datascan Retail Systems

Internet sales and webstores are now an integral and almost necessary inclusion to a business in the retail sector.

Regardless of whether you are a single store, small chain, or global enterprise; you will almost certainly have thought about online sales, or are already generating them.

Integrate your e-commerce into Retail Pro with eCloud. Book a consultation with us to see the potential:

Combine your e-commerce sales, customers and inventory data with Retail Pro - seamlessly

One of the difficulties with Web Sales is the controlling of the stock and sales information as easily as you do for your high street store.

This is commonly cited as one of the reasons why store owners haven’t ventured into e-commerce.

Datascan Retail Systems can easily and simply take away all of these concerns with the DRS eCloud Web Service.

This e-commerce interface module links Retail Pro Sales and Inventory Data seamlessly with your e-commerce / Web Sales platform. It enables the full integration between ecommerce and Retail Pro.

Merge your online and physical data for improved reporting

Take advantage of Retail Pro reporting to get the most out of your retail data. Unifying your channels allows cross-platform reporting on a single customer.

With either the robust reporting tools that Retail Pro come with out of the box, or custom reports that you would require; find out more about your customers and business.

'Plug In' to Your Web Store

Gateways are in place for most of the commonly used platforms but if your chosen partner isn’t already integrated then we can simply 'plug in' your technology to our eCloud Service.

eCloud makes the whole integration process much easier and because it can be deployed quickly, reduces both the cost and the time to market.

Book your free consulation on integrating our eCloud solution:

Keep an accurate track of your physical stock with third party stock-taking software

Integrate robust stock-taking solutions with Retail Pro.

Keep on top of your inventory quantities with these third party stock taking solutions that will integrate into your Retail Pro inventory.

It is clear to why stock-taking is important. Allowing you to regularly monitor and increase gross profit, reduce loss, improve control of allowances, and to reduce waste.

Not just for stock taking however, it can be used for additional areas such as vouchering and purchase orders. Anywhere that scanning in multiple items at once is helpful.

Palm Software

Palm Desktop ships with all current Palm devices, it can also synchronize with a variety of devices using Palm's HotSync software. This will then integrate with Retail Pro to import scans made on the Palm device to the chosen area of Retail Pro.

Foundry Logic

Coupled with an iPod/iPhone, this software is a match made for easy capture and uploads of your stock. Use throughout Retail Pro for areas such as Physical Inventory, Receiving and Transfers, Inventory Checking, and Label Printing.

See the power of an efficient stock-taking integration with a free consultation:

Gain access to your store computers remotely with a third party Remote Support Solution

A remote access solution gives you and your team access to other PCs throughout your business, meaning you can perform IT tasks from an off-site location so much easier.

We will also use this to be able to support your store, spend less on on-site visits by utilising our helpful, friendly support staff. We will guide your store users through basic manual troubleshooting, keep at a pace that the user can keep up with. If required we can then try more advanced over-the-phone troubleshooting until we hit a wall where we will then need to go on-site to repair/replace.

Have a better view of your business by directly (and discreetly) being able to monitor, record and take control of your end points.


Stay productive and in control, even when away from your stores. Simplify access for sharing and collaboration across all your devices. Gain fast and easy remote access from your browser, desktop, iOS or Android device. Unlimited concurrent sessions, recording of sessions, a laser pointer tool and two-way file transfers; these are just some of the benefits that LogMeIn provides.


More than just remote access software, N-Central from Solarwinds MSP lets you control, manage and customise; an all in one RMM platform. Automate certain processes using the inbuilt patch management, backup and recorder, integrated PSA and more. The lightning fast remote control also allows file management from both ends. Top it all with it's own in-built reporting solution to give key information on performance, remote connection activity, and more.

Gain control over your stores from anywhere, with a consultation from Datascan:

Boost your business performance and profitability with third party Reporting Software

Retail Pro comes pre-build with robust reporting out of the box.

Elevate this further with an integrated third-party reporting solution. One that can easily sift through your Retail Pro data to create dashboards and reports relevant to each of your team.

Generate visual performance information on products, suppliers, stores and staff with these powerful third party solutions that.


Extract the data from Retail Pro automatically. This will then be uploaded into Zoined's cloud infrastructure. Zoined will then use analytical algorithms to search for insights and trends in the data it receives. These finding then become available in automatic email reports, as well as dashboards or custom reports that work on desktop and mobile seamlessly.

Data Clarity

ClarityOmnivue is the industry's most complete Master Data Management solution. Turn data from Retail Pro into real, actionable insights with it's innovative functionality and intuitive navigation. All data is fully scalable to give a 360 degree view of sales performance, customer insight and inventory management.

Witness increased insight from reporting by booking a free consultation:

Gain increased clarity over the comings and goings of customers with a Footfall Counter

Footfall counters revolutionise your retail business by tracking consumer traffic and habits. With dashboards, statistics and reporting built in; this simple technology can go a long way to provide real-time insight into what's happening within your business.

Use the software to not just measure conversion rates, but also asses store performance, viability, and the effectiveness of marketing promotions.

Resource the busiest times of the day and week, as well as analyse store performance; all by using the data provided by a footfall counter.

As always, if you have a footfall counter that you would like to keep, but move responsibility for it's upkeep to us here at Datascan, just let us know.

Intelligent Counting

Many factors will affect a stores performance, the data collected through iC (Intelligent Counting) will help identify those sore point. Analyse your data effectively and easily to predict the effects of seasonality, staff absense, promotions and overall store viablity. Drive the maximum value from footfall counters with Intelligent Counting.


Design a smarter store with Prism. Monitor compliance, manage your brand, and check inventory levels from anywhere in the world. Pair remote visual access, in real-time, with on-demand customisable reporting through powerful analytics. Increase sales while cutting unnecessary costs by transforming your operations.

Gain insight over the customer experience in-store, with a consultation from Datascan:

Optimise key areas of your business with Retail Pro & SAP Business One

Most retailers want centralized control of their business. Successful retailers achieve that kind of control with robust all-in-one retail management platform running in tandem with Retail Pro and store management software.

Plan your enterprise resources with a third-party software system that can automate core business functions and integrate with Retail Pro.

Plan key areas such as your finances, operations, sales, human resources, project management and more.

Integrated ERP Software That Grows Along With You

From POS, financials and accounting to inventory and customer relationship management, all your key business areas are integrated between Retail Pro and SAP Business One to provide clear visibility into your entire business and empower you to leverage information to maximize efficiency, increase customer loyalty, and drive profitable growth.

Complete operational visibility and control

End-to-end Business Automation

Accurate real-time reporting and analytics

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