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Easy-to-use Retail Pro POS and retail management software has all the robust tools you need to run your business more efficiently and grow.

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Unify Commerce

Integrated inventory and customer data gives you a more accurate picture of sales performance online and in-store - so you can make smarter business decisions and keep growing.

- Increase sell through rate and keep less stock by unifying inventories for online and in-store sales

- Save time on inventory data entry with connected ecommerce, in-store POS

- Sell more by integrating to Amazon, eBay, Jet, and other online marketplaces

- Act fast to capitalize on sales trends with real-time reporting across channels

Retail Pro gives you ultimate flexibility and control to create effective promotions

Schedule when a promotion should take effect (down to the minute)

Specify the stores and/or price levels that will be impacted

Determine how the promotion is applied at point of sale: Can it be combined with other promotions? Is it applied once per transaction or multiple times?

Set the requirements needed to activate the promotion. These requirements can be item-specific, customer-specific, a receipt total, a coupon code or any combination thereof.

Decide which actual discounts or rewards will be given once a promotion has been activated. This can be an item discount, transaction discount or a coupon being issued.

Engage Customers Better

Human connection is what sets you apart from online-only retailers. Make the experience count.

Make relevant purchase recommendations with insight from your customer's shopping history

Get total visibility into shopper activity in your web store and on your sales floor

Reward your customers for their loyalty using unified online and in-store purchase data

Leverage customer data captured at the POS to personalize your marketing efforts

Go Mobile

Efficient & effective. Everything you ever wanted in a retail POS - on desktop, mobile, or both.

Aligning your technology investment with your strategic goals will help you get the most out of mobile POS. Go to the mobile POS solution page to help you think through your end game with mobile POS.

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"The Retail Pro Prism interface is intuitive and works across platforms, so we can train new employees on multiple devices in a really short time. This gives us the freedom to add employees or devices at whatever rate we choose, which is critical at our stage of business."

Joe B | Specs and OMG Jeans