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Outgrowing Your POS? Get the enterprise software that global chains use to keep growing efficiently and profitably – Retail Pro.

The choice of a centralized, decentralized, or hybrid deployment gives you total flexibility and control in managing your operations. Datascan Retail Systems can help you figure out what will suit your company's needs best.

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Design your deployment structure across channels, locations, countries & clouds

Don't limit your options for growth. Add webstores, brick and mortar stores, kiosks, pop-ups, shop-in-shops, and franchises domestically or abroad – all with Retail Pro POS.

  • Grow your brand across regions and countries with localizations for any world language, currency, and tax structure
  • Get actionable data with real-time visibility into sales performance at all levels of business, whether single brand or multiple-concept franchising models
  • Take advantage of volume discounts by creating purchase orders for specific stores, all stores for a franchisee, or all stores across all franchisees
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty by issuing and tracking fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates and store credit across the entire chain
  • Take Control of Inventory

    Get insight into inventory availability, down to size, color, and location

    Reconcile POS records with physical inventory on the sales floor

    Automatically replenish and manage stock between locations

    Centrally manage pricing and promotions

    Automatically generate purchase orders

    Make and break kits

    Integrate with SAP enterprise resource planning software

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    Promotions | All Things Retail Webcast

    When competing for a share of shoppers’ hearts and wallets, promotions are a good way to increase traffic and sales, which in turn can help you become more profitable. Promotions draw in new customers and infrequent shoppers.

    1. Promotions create buzz; buzz creates customers.

    2. Supply chain and replenishment blunders can cripple promotion performance.

    3. Promotions affect sales for other products, and creative inventory management

    JC Penney abandoned their long-lived coupon strategy in favor of everyday low prices and experienced disheartening sales and earnings. At a time when everything is accessible for less on Amazon, JC Penney’s coupons played a critical role in generating the buzz that would bring shoppers to their stores. Once that buzz fizzled away, so did discount-trained shoppers, and everyday low prices became everyday low sales.

    Promotions put pressure on your supply chain operations and retailers are often left with an unprofitable inventory glut or lack in the post-promotion period. Sales exceeding your forecast sounds like a positive problem to face, but stock outs mean lost sales both during and after the promotion. Retailers must be responsive and on top of their replenishment game.

    Promotions influence sales for other products, and smart inventory management can help you maximize its positive effects. When preparing for the promotions period, order more complementary, non-competing products, since basket analysis often shows a lift in sales of these items due to the halo effect. For example, a promotion on jackets can cause an increase in scarf sales in cooler months.

    Go Mobile

    Efficient & effective. Everything you ever wanted in a retail POS - on desktop, mobile, or both.

    Aligning your technology investment with your strategic goals will help you get the most out of mobile POS. Go to the mobile POS solution page to help you think through your end game with mobile POS.

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    "Retail Pro is a strong POS system with an easy to change user interface, flexible reporting, and quick and easy promotion tools."

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