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Find the solution that best fits your business, then let us help you achieve the next step on your retail journey

Tailored implementation helps us bring the best out of Retail Pro for your needs. Knowing what you would require and on what scale it needs doing, will optimise the entire process and help you get the most out of your new retail software. In no way is it ever as simple as choosing a single solution. With Datascan Retail Systems, we will help you create a combination of these solutions to create a custom one - tailored for you.

Global Enterprise POS

Unified commerce across every channel and technology is critical for operational efficiency on a global scale. Retail Pro helps you do it with open APIs. Unify inventories, customers, promotions and all your retail data; with options to implement enterprise-wide inventory changes and markdowns.


Small to medium enterprises take advantage of unified software, Retail Pro has all the robust tools you need to run your business more efficiently so you can continue to grow.

Chain Store POS

Are you outgrowing your current POS software? Move on to a more robust solution that will let you grow into an enterprise seamlessly with the use of subsidiarys and unified commerce. Customize and unify POS workflows, branding and user experience to reflect your exact needs with a fully tailorable user interface.

Mobile POS

Use critical Retail pro features to help you increase mobility on the sales floor. Let your staff utilise the increased customer experience of a physical store with mobile POS, one that unifies with your static EPOS to bring a fully featured POS to a mobile platform