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Retail Pro's Software Assurance Program

With a Software Assurance program, you can keep up to date with the latest versions of Retail Pro. Along with other benefits such as paying less for new products, free test environment(s), and comprehensive learning resources.

Un-Aging Software

Software Assurance is the "Anti-Depreciation" Solution for Your Retail Pro Software providing you with continuous software updates so that your retail management tools grow with your business.

  • Ensure progressive stability of a mission-critical part of your business
  • Maintain uninterrupted access to the latest product updates, new feature releases and new feature enhancements
  • Prevent depreciation and extend value with added features for your retail management software investment
  • Stay relevant in a dynamic retail marketplace & capitalize on retail trends with the latest functionality
  • Pay Less for the Newest Retail Pro Products

    Retail Pro value their customers and believe in providing them with a clear path to the newest retail software at far less than a market price.

    Retail Pro believe in “No Customer Left Behind”, so we guarantee transition paths to the latest products as customers trade-in the old to get the new

    Preferred pricing makes it easy to integrate plans for a new Retail Pro product into your roadmap

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    Risk-Free Test Environments

    We encourage creativity with our retail software, and free lab systems provided under the Retail Pro Software Assurance umbrella are just one way we help you accomplish your retail technology initiatives.

    - Test new workflows or integrations within a protected environment.

    - Predict live-environment impact.

    - Implement changes with confidence.

    - Free Lab System saves the equivalent of the entire cost of an additional Retail Pro license.

    - Reduce the risk of costly inefficient business processes or downtime.

    Access to the 'My Retail Pro' Customer Portal

    Software Assurance provides you with on-demand resources that help you learn your Retail Pro software, train staff, tailor the product to your business needs and maximize your ROI every step of the way.

    - Train and certify staff in your preferred format, at your own pace, anywhere

    - Save £1000s on training especially when bringing on board seasonal staff or maintaining high turnover staff roles

    - Find new ways to derive more value from your Retail Pro platform

    Guaranteed Support Network

    With Software Assurance, you'll have guaranteed insurance coverage of your mission-critical application. We push necessary security concerns too, always staying ahead of the present-day security requirements.

    - NEVER face a system down alone!

    - Avoid costly mistakes that cause you to turn away a paying customer.

    - Retail Pro are always on standby, to help us here at Datascan, help you.

    - Significantly reduce your security audit scope (and relevant expenses) by using out-of-scope retail management software and latest payment solutions.

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