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Retail Pro Reporting - Powered by Krunch.

Maximise the value of your data with operational reporting that helps you gain valuable insight into your business.

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Dig Into Complex Data

Asking deeper questions of your data? Build out your own complex queries using simple commands and get the answers you need.

- Create complex expressions showing data across the areas of your business

- Slice, dice, and sort data independent of the original data layout

- Analyze report results with expressions like (a,b), (a – b), and (a(b-c))

- Simple & advanced modes to provide the level of complexity needed to analyze the right data

Take Action

Get real-time data in the hands of key decision makers so they can take immediate action and improve performance.

Gain secure access to the precise data you need, when you need it.

Escalate business condition response quickly and automatically with alerts.

Schedule regular report distributions to key people on your team

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Easy to Use

Start reporting on your retail data immediately.

- Endless custom reporting potential

- Comprehensive predefined reports

- Powerful ad hoc queries

- Rich visuals and dimensional analytics

- Interactive KPI dashboards

- Live link to your Retail Pro data

- Access reports from any device with a browser

Make Sense of Data Trends

Intuitive dashboards and clear graphic visuals help you summarize performance, analyze results, and explore trends.

- Dig down into any KPI

- Easily see detailed results for each graph

- Perform multidimensional analysis

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