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Retail Pro Capabilities

Designed to exceed today's demanding retail environments, Retail Pro molds to your unique business needs, ensuring you can focus on the business matters that are most important to you.

Point of Sale and Checkout

Without question Retail Pro POS covers the functionality needed for point of sale in the specialty retail environment. Where it pushes today's envelope is in the areas of workflow, usability, and flexibility to meet the needs you require above the average system. We put the power of workflow and usability in your hands. Retail Pro POS's user interface can be tailored entirely to meet the workflow you desire.

Do you rely on CRM? With Retail Pro POS you can deliver a more personalized shopping experience for your customers displaying as much or as little customer information as needed.

Do you want a POS that is nimble and easy to learn? Creating a workflow that meets the exact sales process you desire within your stores to tailor to the needs of your customers is Retail Pro POS's forte. Within one transaction you can fulfill all of the typical sales interactions a retailer has with their customers, from the basic sale and return to the special orders for the items you don't typically carry. Retail Pro POS puts the power of flexibility into the POS transaction.

Customer Experience & Functionality

Customer Orders

Retail Pro Prism POS seamlessly incorporates the ability to create customer orders quickly and efficiently within the same user interface used for your general sales transactions. You can use Retail Pro Prism POS to track customer orders -- from the simple layaways for in-stock items to customer special orders and backorders where inventory must be ordered to fulfill the sale. Retail Pro Prism POS's customer order functionality supports all methods of payment including suggested deposits with a user-defined range of how much or little to require at the time of order creation. With the flexibility of the Retail Pro Prism POS customer order functionality you will maintain the high level of customer service expected by today's consumers.

Customer Management

Knowing your customers and their shopping habits is key to any retailer's success. Retail Pro Prism POS's flexible customer management functionality lets you capture the information you need to focus your marketing efforts. Through an unlimited number of fully user-definable fields, tracking of key purchasing habits and demographics, like preferred brands, birthdays, and more, is a snap. In addition to your customer's demographics, your sales staff can provide even more personalized service and meaningful recommendations by directly accessing a customer's purchase history from any POS system. Privacy and security is paramount when it comes to consumer data. Retail Pro Prism POS Customer Security Levels protects your patrons' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by giving you control over staff access to this information.

Inventory Stock and Price Lookup

The store environment can be tough on stock. Retail Pro does not limit you to a single identifying value for inventory and price look up. Utilizing a number of item identifiers, it is easy to quickly locate and list items on your transactions, validate the price, or even verify the availability in other stores of an item for a customer within the retail software. Retail Pro POS makes the point of sale process as easy as possible for your staff and more importantly your customers.

Offline Transactions & Usage

As a retailer, the last thing you want to face is difficulties in your day to day operations, especially those caused by technology. System and network downtime can cut off the ability to efficiently and accurately process transactions at point of sale. Retail Pro delivers a simple, yet elegant, solution to network downtime.

Through the use of a local database to store a redundant copy of transactional data, you are ensured you will be able to "fall back" to this database should you lose your network connection allowing you to continue servicing your customers without interruption.

Retail Pro's normal communication methods will synchronize these offline transaction when the network problems have been resolved, ensuring your data is available to serve you when needed.

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Integrated EFT

Minimize your PCI security risk with Retail Pro POS's tokenized EFT support, ensuring your customer's sensitive payment details are never touched by or stored within your Retail Pro system.

Our EFT solutions are integrated with industry leading EFT providers that securely encrypt your customer's credit and debit payment information from end-to-end for unparalleled data security.

Your customer's risk of identity theft and similar fraud is significantly reduced and your ability to maintain a secure POS system is greatly improved, aiding you in GDPR & PCI compliance.

Employee Security, Management & Productivity

Keep your retail operations secure with predefined or user-defined security groups that control access to all areas, functions, and processes within Retail Pro.

Additionally, encourage productivity with Retail Pro's flexible commission tracking system to accurately and appropriately reward your staff for each completed sale, and easily split a single commission between multiple employees involved in the same sale.

With Retail Pro POS you have the management tools to manage and incentivize your employees, protect your data, and ultimately your bottom line.

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"Retail Pro is a strong POS system with an easy to change user interface, flexible reporting, and quick and easy promotion tools."

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