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The Most Flexible POS Solution for Specialty Retail - Build it with Retail Pro

Retail Pro fuses 30 years of experience and innovation to give specialty retailers the retail management platform of the future, so you can make sense of retail complexity and pace – profitably. Request a free consultation with Datascan to see the benefits for yourself:

Retail Your Way with Retail Pro

With Retail Pro's powerful customizable UI you can create desired workflows reflecting your business process and brand without compromises so you can focus on transforming shopper experiences.

  • Freedom from venue/location limitations
  • You decide which modules are deployed across your environments
  • Reap full benefits of consistent UX across platforms
  • Faster and easier to train new staff
  • Workflows optimised for your specific use needs
  • Let your business needs determine your hardware and software environments
  • Optimise Deployment Approaches and Database Needs

    Budget limitations, hardware limitations or staff preference are only some of the factors that may impact how you manage data. Most retailers need the flexibility to find a solution that accounts for all of these factors and their ERP integration needs. With Prism, it's really up to you to choose how your data is housed.

    Benefits of Having a Choice:

    - Flexibility of Deployment Choices

    - Powerful Performance

    - Cost Control

    - Scalability

    - Leverage Your Expertise

    Book your free consulation with Datascan to see if Retail Pro is right for you:

    Improve Decision-making. In Retail Time

    Prism's real-time communications help retailers react to their business needs instantly. Gaining immediate access to the precise data you need from across the enterprise will help you and your organization improve decision making.

    Inventory information is always up-to-date

    Improved decision-making

    Real-time transparency across the enterprise.

    Updated as often as your business demands.

    Security Redefined

    Retail Pro software platforms are continuously evolving to stay ahead of the industry requirements. Our methodologies and technology protect your data, providing you with a peace of mind and the benefit of a drastically reduced PCI audit scope.

    Benefits of a Secure Retail Pro Platform

    - Secure access

    - Secure communication

    - Secure data

    - PA-DSS 'out of scope' solution

    - GDPR Compliance

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    "Retail Pro is a strong POS system with an easy to change user interface, flexible reporting, and quick and easy promotion tools."

    Rashda Ali | Comvita