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Datascan Retail is here to help you grow. Spend less time on hardware and software issues and more on what's important, the operations and growth of your business as a whole. We will be with you hand in hand all the way from project conception, all the way to supporting your store decades later - just like we have for our other clients. Learn below how we could work together, step by step, and the support we can provide for you. If something you need supporting isn't listed below, let us know during your consultation.

Let us help you use Retail Pro to it's fullest, through your own unique business needs

A house is only as good as its foundations. We believe that the only way to fully utilise any system, be it a retail system like Retail Pro or any tool designed to help you run your business better, is by taking the time to match the tool to your business needs.

We use a comprehensive step-by-step approach to ensure that Retail Pro meets your requirements, ensuring that areas of most interest or need are focused on - rather than “fantastic” features that are irrelevant to you and your business.

At Datascan Retail we adhere to Prince2 project management guidelines, as well as boasting a vast amount of experience in many facets of project management; Analysis and design, business process mapping, gap analysis, coding, and the testing of technical requirements. Additionally, we also supply proof of concept lab testing, UAT, implementation and both pilot and production rollouts with our 'go live' ultra-care.

Stage 1 - A&D

One of our Technical Sales team members will sit down with you to document and understand your business processes. We then match the business needs and processes to the unique features of Retail Pro.

This is without a doubt the most important part of the whole process and we at Datascan will spend any and all the time required to ensure that Retail Pro meets your needs.

Additionally, where appropriate, we can suggest new processes that will best utilise Retail Pro features to help improve the speed and efficiency of your business procedures.

Stage 2 - UAT, Installation & Setup

All hardware and software is pre-prepared in our workshop, then rigorous testing is performed.

You will then have the opportunity to look over the system in-depth, prior to the install, to ensure the agreed setup has been attained; we can then continue onto the next step.

Once on site, our engineers will consult with you and ensure that the whole process is as easy and painless as possible. Engineer(s) will then not leave the site until the work done is agreeable and has been signed off by yourselves.

Stage 3 - Training

Datascan follows a broad training guide, it can start from the basics of Retail Pro including POS, Inventory, Ordering & Receiving, as well as Reporting; all the way to the granular approach of how each of these work inside your own procedures.

We can then concentrate on areas highlighted in the A&D that will truly help your staff to move the business forward and make the most out of Retail Pro; in turn, giving you the ROI you deserve.

These areas can range from complex replenishment to CRM, speedy POS environment’s to Web Store Control. We also look at delayed training to ensure that you get the most from the training sessions.

Stage 4 - Aftercare & Support

Once the system has been implemented and running, we don't leave you to fend for yourselves.

Every client is considered a long term partner of ours; with our mutual, continued success at the heart of all our relationships.

From after-sales care and advice, all the way up to full 24/7 support services, you can be assured you will never be on your own.

Let's get the ball rolling by requesting your very own free consultation:

We're more than Retail Pro support

We've explained how we will work with you to implement Retail Pro into your environment, now let us show you what else we sell and support; there's a miriad of other services and hardware we can help you with. Below are just a few of the other areas that we can help you with, if there is anything else that you feel you need support for, let us know during your consultation.

Hypercare for your hardware, with Hardware Support from Datascan Retail Systems

Datascan has a team of experienced professional engineers to handle the maintenance, repair and over-the-phone support for all your hardware requirements. We can help with hardware that is within warranty or out of it.

We pride ourselves on keeping a stock of any and all equipment that is in our hardware support contract, so if anything happens, an engineer can be onsite next morning to replace the offending hardware and test that everything is working before leaving your store.

Gain assurance and comfort in knowing that a failed till at one of your stores won't take weeks or even days to get replaced or fixed. If the issue occurs before 11am, we will be there that same day.

Keep your integrations and other software running smoothly with our Third-Party Support

Allow us to look after and handle issues that store staff are having with Third Party Integration, or any third party software that are causing problems.

Be it Microsoft Office, stock taking solutions, reporting or anything else you've asked us to support; we can manage the software, delegate it to third party companies if required, or just fix it if possible.

Let us know during your free consultation, and if we haven't supported it before, we will learn how to use that piece of software and teach our support staff on how to support it correctly, specific to your needs and procedures.

Let Datascan handle communication issues with our managed Telephony Support

Datascan will manage and deligate issues with your phone line communications as part of managed services support, we will be the first point of contact on any of these issues in-store (be it by email, or mobile phone from store staff etc).

We will then go straight to the root of the problem, track the issue in our system (which you have visiblity) so it's not just taken to the provider and left to be resolved, and chase them as often as we can to get your issues resolved as fast as possible.

We can keep track of planned outages and let you know anything that might affect you or your stores from this. We can also generate a report that contain all the issues that have been put forward to us and how they were resolved.

What will you need supporting? Let us know in your free consultation:

Whoever your provider is, leave it with us and our managed Network Provider Services

Having to keep track of planned maintenances, down time at stores, and general troubleshooting of networking equipment can be a hassle.

Let Datascan keep track of all these and more with our network/provider services.

We'll log issues with the provider directly, chase when necessary, track the issues in our system and be able to generate a report for you on all the issues stores have faced - as well as what was done to resolve it from start to finish.

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"Puma UK have worked closely with Datascan for many years now. Their expertise in RetailPro support and training is second to none. Their pro-active attitude to problem solving is commendable, and their support staff have excellent skills when dealing with all levels of users."

Dave Butler | Puma UK