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Inventory replenishment is one of the most mission-critical jobs to be done in your business.

Retailers perpetually struggle to achieve the delicate balance between keeping enough product in stock to meet customer needs and carrying excess stock that only takes up valuable (and expensive) shelf space.

These stock taking solutions will increase speed and efficiency for your staff to save you time and money.

Do you have a current stock taking solution that you would like us to support? Let us know during your consultation.

Honeywell - Captuvo Sleds

Transform an Apple iPod® or iPhone® into enterprise-ready devices for your mobile workers. You’ll empower them to be more agile, efficient and productive while improving the customer experience.

Increases productivity and throughput with an integrated, easy-to-use imager that aggressively scans linear and 2D barcodes.

Combined with the Foundry Logic app, find out how you can optimise your day-to-day stock control with a free demo from Datascan.

Coupled with Retail Pro: Highly Recommended


Provides added durability to the device, reduce failure rate in comparison to competitors by as much as 80%.


Optional security mechanism improves overall durability while reducing the likelihood of the device being stolen.


Provides additional battery power for your iPhone® or iPod®, ensuring an increased uptime for associates.

HP - Elite X3 Mobile Retail Solution

Enable agility with the HP Elite x3 Mobile Retail Solution, a Windows® handheld and barcode scanner that switches to a full PC.

Deploy a slim, lightweight solution that is easy for store managers and associates to carry and place in a pocket or apron and has a convenient side button for one-handed scanning.

Janam - XP30

Supercharge your palm apps. The XP30 is the world's first fully-featured rugged mobile computer that scans barcodes and runs the latest version of the Palm OS.

A brilliant, color, quarter-VGA display and blazing Freescale™ architecture make the XP30 a best-of-breed, rugged, barcode-scanning, mobile computer, while its list price makes it impossible to ignore.