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At Datascan Retail Systems, we pride ourselves on our diligent support and helpful support staff. For 30 years, Retail Pro has innovated retail software solutions to help retailers optimise business operations and have more time to focus on what really matters - cultivating customer engagement and capitalizing on retail's trends.
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Grow Your Brand With Retail Pro & Datascan Retail Systems

Retail Pro saves you time and money by streamlining POS, inventory management, customer experience, and more. Datascan handles the setup, support and day-to-day running of your hardware, software and comms.

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Combine your e-commerce sales, customers and inventory data with Retail Pro seamlessly

One of the difficulties with Web Sales is the controlling of the stock and sales information as easily as you do for your high street store.

This is commonly cited as one of the reasons why store owners haven’t ventured into e-commerce.

Datascan Retail Systems can easily and simply take away all of these concerns with the DRS eCloud Web Service.

This e-commerce interface module links Retail Pro Sales and Inventory Data seamlessly with your e-commerce / Web Sales platform. It enables the full integration between ecommerce and Retail Pro.

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Watch how easily Retail Pro can handle your workload

"Retail Pro is a strong POS system with an easy to change user interface, flexible reporting, and quick and easy promotion tools." Rashda Ali | Comvita

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End-To-End Solution For All Your Retail Needs

Streamline your operations and secure all your retail data for GDPR compliance with seamless integration of your mission-critical retail software.

- Improve efficiency with customizable workflows in the powerful Retail Pro POS.

- Manage risk by using GDPR-compliant software and services.

- Complete transactions anywhere on the sales floor with mobile POS and flexible mobile and fixed payment systems.

- Transform your online experience with fully integrated ecommerce services.

- Integrate production processes, logistics, and sales information for a connected supply chain with SAP.

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Software Assurance Program

A total care system designed to protect and capitalize on your Retail Pro investment. Whether you just recently purchased Retail Pro software to run your business or have been a user of Retail Pro software for years, Software Assurance provides benefits to help you maintain your retail software with product updates, get more productivity out of existing software, and support your current environment.

  • Continuous software updates
  • Constantly evolving application security
  • Free lab system
  • Preferred pricing on new products
  • Unlimited access to optional self-paced training
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    "Retail Pro is a strong POS system with an easy to change user interface, flexible reporting, and quick and easy promotion tools."

    Rashda Ali | Comvita